How to Win Every Spiritual Battle

How to Win Every Spiritual Battle

win every spiritual battle

Is it possible to win every spiritual battle you face? The answer is YES!

You might think, “Capazin, nobody wins every time!”

Dear friends, forget the past. You may not have had successful outcomes, but you can arm yourself with know-how that will change everything.

King David-Role Model for Success in Battle

In his youth, David developed a pattern of slaying giants. He killed a lion and a bear. Then, he became a courageous warrior and king who never lost a military battle in 40 years.

Among other things, David had a winning mindset (attitude, disposition, and outlook). He had a God-infused mindset and a heart of faith. David knew his covenant with God. When facing Goliath, he believed the same God who delivered him from the lion and bear was with him to ensure victory in his battle with Goliath.

Believers today can implement David’s winning attitude and other keys to win spiritual battles.

In How to Win Every Spiritual Battle, you will discover eight victory essentials for believers today.

You can develop a failsafe mindset and the most potent assets that assure you of winning every spiritual battle.

So, buckle your seatbelt because you are about to discover mindsets and actions you can take to assure victory after victory.

King David-Role Model for Success in Battle

  • Learn secrets from the unparalleled military success of Israel’s greatest king vital to believers today.
  • Discover the only invincible mindset and the most excellent tools that assure you win every time.
  • Learn to live according to Plan A so you never have to settle for Plan B or less than God’s best.

Now, in Christ, if you fight all life’s battles from your position of authority in Christ, you will win every time.

Want to start winning and keep on winning? Get your copy of How to Win Every Spiritual Battle now!