How does writing the vision make choices clear?

How does writing the vision make choices clear?

How does writing the vision make choices clear?




The free market system in America allows us a vast array of choices. Whether you shop online or in person at local stores, the variety of options for everyday items can be overwhelming.

For example, someone told me Secret is a good deodorant. I went to the deodorant aisle at a store and discovered at least 20 different deodorants by Secret.

Some were scented. Others were not. Did I want a dry spray, solid, clear gel, or roll-on? When I raised my arm, did I want to smell like a vegetable, fruit, flower, cotton fabric, tree nut, vanilla bean, or ocean breeze?

With so many choices, how does one choose? The answer is more straightforward than you may think.

First, you must know what you want ahead of time. And writing the vision makes choices clear.

For instance, I like light flowers or citrus. And I prefer a solid to roll-on or gel. That narrowed my choices of deodorant down to about three. After smell-testing those three, it was easy for me to choose the one that was the best fragrance for me.

A vision for a lovely home

Over the years, I have lived in some lovely places. In most instances, I had written a short list of essential things beforehand. I like a home with light, high ceilings, large closets, and privacy. Many trees, greenery, walking spaces, trails, and parks make a neighborhood special. And, of course, friendly neighbors are the cat’s meow.

Once, I walked into a brand-new apartment in Santa Monica, California, four blocks from the beach with all the graces mentioned above. On top of that, I received a reduced lease rate because I noticed the living room wall was a bit crooked. All in all, I kept my eye on the written vision and got my heart’s desire.

How writing the vision make choices clear

Writing a vision for every area of your life will help you make the right choices. And the right decisions will lead to a blessed life.

God created us with free will. That means every person has an innate, God-given right and freedom to choose. However, inherent in our choices are consequences.

God’s overwhelming desire is that you always choose “life.”

I call heaven and earth as my witnesses against you right now: I have set life and death, blessing and cursing before you. Now choose life—so that you and your descendants will live.
Deut. 30:19, CEB

So, I challenge you to search the Bible, especially the New Testament, to discover God’s desires for you. He has given us exceedingly abundant promises in Christ.

Then, write the vision for you and your children based on God’s Word. Keep this vision in your heart and before your eyes. Day by day, as you face life’s challenges, you will know how to make the right choices.


Life is about choices.

Clear choices come from a clear vision.

Clear vision (prophetic revelation) comes from God’s Word.

Life and peace come from living by faith in God and His Word.

And always let the Spirit lead you.


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